EVS at SPORTELMonaco 11-14 October 2010

21st International Symposium of SPORTELMonaco

EVS’ ultimate tapeless solutions for live sports and content management will be presented at Stand B03/04 at SPORTEL in Monaco


Unique Live 3D Production Tools

EVS has more than 15 years of experience in the exciting world of live sports broadcasting,and continues to keep you on the leading edge of technology with more resolution, increasedemotion, incredible replays, and new 3D experiences, all on your existing XT[2]+ LSM.

At SPORTELMonaco EVS unveils its new 3D SuperMotion replay solutions for enhanced live production.

Live Graphic Analyses for Football

Enhance your live sport production with Epsio from EVS, which is now an integral part of your Multicam[LSM]. LSM operators can instantly control graphic overlays, allowing you to optimize your live production workflow without additional resources. The available graphic overlays are an offside line, 9 meters circle, distance to the goal and scores and logo inserts.

After the successful operation of the virtual offside line in South Africa, EVS’ sports graphic tool Epsio will be presented with new live graphic features, including arrows that measure the distance to goal, free-kick circles, score and logo inserts, all available on the live slow motion replay controller.


Innovative Sport Asset Management & Delivery Solution

The Media Archive Director offers a set of software tools to manage all platforms of the workflows centrally, including their formats, and allows for intelligent media browsing based on metadata and logging. With Media Archive Director, users can ingest clips or media from any source to any networked point and directly archive new content with totally centralized management.

Any content can be found instantly with searchable keywords. The content can be located from any live content available on the production networks, including multicam and multifeed ingested content, to central or distant storage.

Media Archive Director offers intuitive control of robots, automated access to any content, fast and reliable content delivery, optimized management of archived content and end-to-end and multiclient management. It also offers remote access for browsing and control.

Discover MAD, the most comprehensive asset management solution for media rights holders and broadcasters that seek to maximize the use of archived A/V content through advanced media centralization, referencing, web-reviewing and multi-format distribution.

About EVS

EVS Broadcast Equipment is a leader in the design of hardware and software for the production and playout of sport, news and TV programs in both live and near live environments. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its instant tapeless technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and High Definition Television the world over. The company sells its branded products in more than 70 countries and is capable of providing service in any region. EVS has offices in Belgium, China, Germany, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States.