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Neutrik is proud to announce that only one year after its introduction, the opticalCON QUAD has become the chosen standard for fiber optic transmission for a number of broadcast companies in Europe, US and the Far East. Particularly, OB companies (outdoor broadcast) are attracted by Neutrik's optimized solutions for multichannel point-to-point fiber connectivity.


opticalCON POWER QUAD cable

The opticalCON POWER QUAD cable line solves an additional request from this industry. ENG/SNG applications especially require the combination of multi-fiber and power in one cable in order to guarantee quick setup and simple handling. Neutrik has created a cable specifically for these requirements which is optimized in ruggedness, flexibility, weight and cost. The hot wires of the hybrid cable design build an additional robustness for the cable construction.

opticalCON Multimode Fiber Upgrade

Neutrik’s opticalCON multimode fiber cables were upgraded to laser and bend optimized OM3 fibers. These new fibers meet the stringent OM3 requirements for high bandwidth applications and are optimized for laser sources.

Bandwidth-intense transmissions, such as HD video, DVI, Gigabit Ethernet, etc., require the higher performance offered by laser-optimized multimode optical fiber (OM3). The use of OM1 and OM2 for high bandwidth applications is limited in transmission length. Modern equipment (as fiber WDM extenders, combining HD-SDI, Ethernet, ...) starts to require transmissions of more than 6 Gb/s, to achieve reasonable transmission distances (e. g. 300 m). For such data rates OM3 fibers are necessary. Laser sources instead of LEDs enable transmissions at high data rates; thus laser optimized multimode fibers are required to avoid DMD effects.

The need for OM3 is still limited to view applications; Neutrik wants to stay ahead of time with the switch to top quality OM3 fibers. The cable price will be not increased.


Explanation OM3 fiber
To understand the appeal of OM3 fiber, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of all three grades of multimode fiber. OM1 is a legacy multimode fiber with a 62.5-µm core, which makes it a fundamentally lower-bandwidth fiber. This larger core allows greater modal dispersion, resulting in a typical peak bandwidth of 200 MHz-km. Because of its lower capacity, most OM1 installations today are upgrades and expansions of existing facilities that use 62.5-µm fiber. OM2 fiber has a smaller, 50-µm core with less modal dispersion, giving the fiber a 950-MHz-km bandwidth capacity. OM3 improves on OM2. While it still has a 50-µm core, the core has been optimized for laser transmission. This optimized design removes, or at least significantly alleviates, manufactured flaws in the refractive index profile of the core and results in 2,000 MHz-km of bandwidth. As mentioned previously, the growth in bandwidth demand is the major driver for the increasing need of OM3 fiber.

Explanation DMD - Differential Mode Delay
While the launching conditions of LEDs ensure a sufficiently uniform mode distribution in a multimode fiber, the restricted conditions of laser sources due to small spot size and narrow beam divergence can cause group-delay time differences, resulting in an increase in modal dispersion which leads to bandwidth limitation; this effect is called DMD - Differential Mode Delay. Laser optimized fibers guarantee an optimized refraction index profile to allow the use of VCSEL lasers in combination with multimode fibers.

opticalCON powerMONITOR

Neutrik's opticalCON powerMONITOR is a cost-saving, purpose-built measurement (monitoring) device for professional fiber optic broadcast, audio and video applications.

By monitoring the attenuation of up to 4 transmission channels simultaneously the powerMONITOR informs "on air" and at first sight about the fiber optic quality status and simplifies troubleshooting work. Programmable alarm signals control the power budget of the fiber optic transmission lines at all times. As the user is supported by clear status info, potential problems can be identified early and maintenance intervals can be optimized.

The powerMONITOR is available in 19'' panels or mobile breakout boxes.


About Neutrik

The Neutrik group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of professional connector systems for the entertainment industry. The array of products ranges from XLR connector systems, jacks and plugs, loudspeaker connector systems, fiber optic connection systems, patch panels, coaxial connectors (BNC) to industrial connectors.