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MAYAH Unveils Five New MADI Products at NAB 2011

With our MAD products family we can emphasize our position in the market of studios and live events

The leading German audio codec manufacturer MAYAH Communications launches five top-range MADI products for the musical instrument, live performance and studio market NAB in Las Vegas. The MADI format for simultaneous transmitting of up to 64 audio channels is continuously gaining interest in the audio industry. MAYAH now offers devices for cost-effective MADI signal processing, routing and monitoring.


Detlef Wiese, CEO of MAYAH Communications is very positive about new developments: "MAYAH goes a step further, from originally ‘just’ an audio codec vendor to the audio and video product supplier for broadcast, music and stage. With our MAD products family we can emphasize our position in the market of studios and live events. We strongly believe that MADI will be applied more and more without getting in conflict with the Audio-over-IP technology."


with its high-quality headphone amplifier offers a unique possibility for direct monitoring of any stereo or mono channel in the MADI stream. With its BNC or optical MADI input and output an unlimited number of MAD1 can be put in a “daisy-chain” with a negligible latency of just a few samples. Two additional Express Card I/Os provide an additional advantage for flexible routing of the MADI audio stream between any of the interfaces. For example it allows a redundant multi-track “Field-Recording“ applications with the MADI PCI ExpressCard by RME to which MAD1 is fully compatible. Three different colors can help musicians to better match the MAD1 with the rest of their studio environment or stage equipment design.



provides a latency-free transparent signal conversion, splitting or distribution between its two coaxial BNC MADI interfaces and another two optical interfaces. Even the streams with different clocking can be handled by MAD2. Thanks to the transparent architecture of MAD2 proprietary formats can be routed too. Possible applications vary from redundant scenarios in stage/FOH connections and audio recording to all kinds of studio operations.


is a 1RU high quality A/D D/A converter for 32 analog channels supplied over DB25 interfaces. Two converters can be combined to use the MADI stream entirely with its 64 channels if necessary. Sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz are supported as well as all types of MADI formats. Two redundant power supplies ensure high reliability and permanent availability of the device.



is a multifunctional device, which can be used as Embedder/De-Embedder, Controller for Monitoring, Communication Device and even more. Due to the variety of interfaces, such as MADI, ADAT, AES/EBU, analog, microphone, GPIO, MIDI, etc. many different applications in the field of Live-Events or Studio-Recordings can be optimized with MAD4. All different signals can be inserted in the MADI frame or taken from the signal in a flexible way. For a convenient control there is a Hardware Remote Control Unit and an intuitive software with the complete routing-matrix and file-based presets.


is a 2RU crossbar with up to 16 MADI ports, totally resulting in a full 1024 x 1024 audio channel matrix. MAD5 belongs to the middle range of the MADI routing systems available on the market. It can be equipped with two different modules, each with 8 MADI ports which can be either optical or with BNC interfaces. Thus, there is the possibility to have one MADI matrix with 8 optical ports and 8 BNC ports.


About MAYAH Communications GmbH

The company’s main objective is the development and distribution of innovative high quality solutions for real-time audio and audio/video communications in broadcast and corporate networks. Focus is given to standardized audio and video formats, such as MPEG-1, -2 and 4 as well as proprietary but accepted formats such as E/apt-X, 4SB ADPCM and others. MAYAH started its operations at the end of 1997 and is a privately held company with its headquarter in Hallbergmoos near Munich, an R&D department in Flensburg and a worldwide distribution network. MAYAH stands in close relationship with and is licensing technology from FhG-IIS (Fraunhofer Institute), Dolby, IRT and others. MAYAH is also a founding member of Audio-via-IP Experts Group working on faster implementation of EBU Audio-over-IP Standard by codec manufacturers. MAYAH’s customers are in radio and TV broadcasting as well as telecommunications, studios and ISPs.