Grass Valley Adds K2 Server Functionality to Kayenne HD Video Production Center for Live Animated Clip Effects and Replays

Kayenne Production Switcher

Following a year in which its Kayenne™ high-definition Video Production Center switcher has been used by numerous mobile production companies around the world for the most high-profile live sports and entertainment events, at this year’s NAB exhibition Grass Valley™ announced several new workflow enhancements to the Kayenne that make it more powerful and able to handle more complex productions from its single, color-coded control panel.


The new ClipStore option is ideal for producing more complex on-screen effects

Chief among the new features is an optional ClipStore that is based on Grass Valley’s proven and widely used K2 Summit™ and K2 Solo™ video servers working in tandem with the Kayenne’s current internal ImageStore — allowing operators to store and recall still images and video clips — all while saving customers money when packaged together.

The high capacity 4-channel 2 RU integrated server system allows Kayenne users to access a huge library of SD or HD video for animations, replays or any other type of video from the switcher’s ImageStore menu panel and E-MEM/Cue systems. The existing six optional ImageStore Channels (for stills) are not tied up when using the new K2-based ClipStore system for video. The ability to create folders and clip names has also been incorporated within the ImageStore menu to make it easier to manage the large amount of content now available.

With the new ClipStore for Kayenne clips are loaded immediately with no need for a cache, stored images are unaffected by power hits (there is no cache to reload), the ClipStore menus are fully integrated into the main menu system, there’s full access from the panel and E-MEM system, and the ClipStore can provide up to 10-plus hours of HD clip storage (compared to about 60 seconds in other RAM-based solutions).


"The new ClipStore option is ideal for producing more complex on-screen effects, such as animated transitions and replay wipes. And no other production switcher offers 10 hours of clip storage at such a cost-effective price,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. "In addition, we think Kayenne switcher operators will embrace this new integrated server capability because now they won’t lose their cache contents if a reset or power failure occurs."

The Kayenne ClipStore option with either the K2 Summit (4-channel) or K2 Solo (2-channel) servers provides up to four video/key pairs (two with K2 Solo) and over 10 hours of non-volatile video/key/audio clip content. To streamline workflows, the K2/ClipStore has been tightly integrated into the native ImageStore, so both can be transparently controlled from the Kayenne touchscreen GUI and main control panel. Because they are full bandwidth channels, when not in video/key mode, the same device can record/play left eye/right eye video sources for stereoscopic 3D.

Using the new option for Kayenne, audio and video clips can be created on a standalone K2 Summit or K2 Solo, then easily imported to the ClipStore or loaded directly via thumb drive to the Kayenne menu panel’s USB port.

The capability of Kayenne’s current ImageStore options to store and recall still images from an internal RAM remains unchanged.


Other key features of the new K2/ClipStore system

· All ClipStore channels can record video/key/audio
· E-MEM Keyframe, Cue or Macro commands manage the ClipStore playback controls
· A ClipStore utilizes up to 8 switcher inputs for playout of 4 channels of video and key
· A ClipStore may utilize up to 8 switcher outputs for recording video and key (In most use cases, only one channel is recorded at a time, so a single output pair may be used which could be connected to all 4 input pairs using a distribution amplifier - not included)
· A 4-channel ClipStore has 16 AES audio inputs and 16 AES audio outputs.

Pricing and Availability

The new Grass Valley K2/ClipStore system will be available in May 2010. Kayenne ClipStore Option packages can only be purchased when associated with a Kayenne order.


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