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• Barco's OL-series LED-lit rear-projection video walls that offer you a higher uptime and a lower cost of ownership
• RHDM-series of high-definition reference monitors for broadcast and post-production environments
• Innovative JPEG 2000 


The advantages of LED video walls in broadcasting

LED-lit rear-projection is the video wall technology of the future. Numerous advantages, including longer lifetime and reduced total cost of ownership, are already well-known. It is therefore no wonder that more and more companies are switching to this technology.

For broadcast environments, LEDs offer even more advantages

• Rec.709 color gamut and true broadcast colors: With lamp-based projection systems it was difficult to reach the Rec.709 color gamut used for HD video. Especially the reds and yellows were underperforming. However, the color gamut of LEDs is wider than that of lamp based systems, allowing the necessary broadcast color gamut to be reached easily. Therefore, the video on the display has true broadcast colors.


• 3200K without brightness and lifetime deterioration: Using lamps, it is very difficult to reach the optimal white point for TV studio lighting (3200K). A 3200K filter is necessary, but this takes away a lot of the light. As a consequence, the lamps must be driven at higher power, drastically decreasing their lifetime. For LEDs, the white point can be adjusted simply by the correct mixing of the red, green and blue light. Therefore Barco's LED-based projection engines can easily reach 3200K and maintain the brightness and lifetime to a large extent.

• OSRAM LEDs providing optical redundancy: Barco is the only LED rear projection supplier using Osram LEDs. Those LEDs have per color 6 (six) separately driven segments, providing redundancy. If a segment fails, there is no loss of image. The colors rebalance towards the correct white point, and the screen content just gets a little darker. With other LED manufacturers, the complete color is lost if one LED fails.

Added to the traditional innovative broadcasting features of Barco systems (including gen locking, minimized frame delay and redundant inputs), the OL series of LED-lit rear-projection video walls are the best choice for broadcasting environments.

New 17-inch version of RHDM, and additional Waveform funcionality

The RHDM-2301 has proven its value as a high-definition reference monitor, excelling in amazing color accuracy, image stability and motion handling. In order to bring the same quality to more confined spaces, including OB vans and camera shading positions, Barco introduces its 17" high-definition reference monitor. Furthermore, Barco will give a sneak preview of high-quality Waveform functionality on the RHDM grade-1 monitor range.


• The RHDM-1701 will make its European debut on IBC 2010. As a true Grade-1 LCD display, this 17-inch reference monitor offers the color accuracy professionals demand. Advanced calibration and stabilization technology keep the colors lasting, ensuring a perfect reference at all times. The motion handling system prevents motion blur and produces CRT-like quality that is second to none. And a native 10-bit panel, calibrated LED backlights and 48-bit processing guarantee the highest color accuracy on the market. Furthermore, the reduced dimensions allow this reference monitor to fit into 19 inch racks.

• The new Waveform option on the RHDM series, is co-developed with Omnitek. It is generated on an optional hardware board that can be installed in the RHDM. Discover this innovative solution for the first time on IBC this year!

NGC-102: 2-slot chassis for NGS boards

Barco's NGC-102 chassis is a 2-slot 19-inch rack-mountable housing for the NGS range of input modules. The heavy-duty steel construction, combined with hot-swappable power supplies, pluggable fan tray, rear I/O connections and shelf management module, integrated in this industrial enclosure provide a high-reliability environment for the input modules and assures easy serviceability and low MTTR. The NGC-102 is an extension to Barco's Networked Broadcast Monitoring System (NBMS) and Transform N product line.

Low noise - fit for office and data centre environment
Supports all NGS input modules
Hot-swappable, front-accessible processing boards and passive connection boards
Hot-swappable/redundant power supplies
Operational indicator
Redundant power inputs each independently fused
Hot-swappable fan tray
Front to side cooling
Shelf-management module for health monitoring
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