AMWA and EBU issue FIMS’ Request for Technology


The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are co-publishing a Request For Technology (RFT) as the result of joint activities in the FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Service) Task Force. The Task Force has been created to address issues around interoperability in digital workflows. The joint effort between the EBU and the AMWA to seek out a common approach to integrate hardware and software components in modern TV production facilities is believed to be a fundamental need of the whole media industry.


Task Force on FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Service) solicits contributions on framework to support professional media industry.

In the RFT, the Task Force is soliciting a framework for media services, specific detailed definitions of common media processes, and an overall description of how RFT respondents would break down functions within the professional media industry.

Brad Gilmer, Executive Director of the AMWA said: "The professional media industry really needs a standardized, open framework for media services, along with standardized definitions for common processes in the industry. It is our hope that the report and standards created as a result of this process help guide the industry as we work to create more flexible facilities and workflows."

John Footen, joint chairman of the FIMS Task Force, added: “the focus of this RFT is on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and reflects a move by the media industry toward these systems. Media companies are drawn toward these systems because of a need to increase agility in a market where user requirements are changing rapidly. Keywords are maintainability, scalability and extensibility.”

Jean-Pierre Evain, coordinating these activities within EBU said: “this RFT reflects the commitment of key players and shall hopefully bring to fruition the efforts made to educate and convince the broadcast community of the vital importance of such new architectures.”

“We are confident that this RFT will set a first fundamental milestone towards the goal of defining an ecosystem of services for various media production environments” added Giorgio Dimino, joint chairman of the FIMS Task Force.

All interested parties are invited to consult the RFT, which can be downloaded here



About the AMWA

The Advanced Media Workflow Association is a user-focused industry body dedicated to the promotion, development and adoption of open, accessible standards and specifications relating to file-based workflows (including AAF, MXF and other formats), Service Oriented Architectures, and Application Specifications as they apply to the areas of content creation, production, post-production, rich media authoring, archiving and distribution. AMWA members include Ad-ID, Adobe Systems AmberFin, Ascent Media, Avid Technology, BBC, National TeleConsultants, Omneon, Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Communications, FOX, Grass Valley, Harris Corporation Quantel and TMD.



About the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) serves 85 national media organizations from 56 countries in and around Europe. It promotes the values and distinctiveness of public service media in Europe and around the world. It brings news, sports, events and music to your home through the Eurovision and Euroradio networks. The EBU develops and shares best practices, media expertise and innovation. It produces and exchanges rich and diverse programmes across all media.